The cheap, easy way to sell online


Selling online just got cheaper and easier with Buzzystores. For all business types and sizes, Buzzystores offers the best platform to reach millions of customers worldwide without having to spend a fortune developing and maintaining a business platform or website.

Do more than just sell

With Buzzystores, you can order products for a business in the UAE, buy lunch for a friend in Africa, and plan a dinner in the USA, all on the same platform.

Buzzystores is a multinational company that helps vendors to sell products and services to millions of people worldwide. It provides an ideal platform for customers worldwide to browse offers within their locality or internationally.

Buzzystores brings the much-needed marketing and analytical tools for businesses to scale their operations. It is a company revolutionizing the eCommerce industry with disruptive innovations and improved ways to deliver products and services across borders.

Growth Planning

We carefully study your business needs and provide the best services that works for just your case

Creative Linking

We have the skills and motivation to take your business to the next level

Growth Planning

Our automated systems helps your business even when you’re offline 

Our Services

We’re a Premium e-commerce Service Provider

Buzzystores offers a quality and stable eCommerce platform for all kinds of businesses. We combine many features to produce this unique platform and its quality.

Use only the best

Enjoy a stable platform
With 24/7 uninterrupted access to your store, never lose business due to network fluctuations or the inability to make critical changes to your store. Buzzystores gives customers access to all your products and services 24/7. 

Be the first to enjoy innovations 

Never lose out on new technological features in the e-commerce industry. Get notified and trained on the latest innovations to advance your eCommerce business. 

Use advanced & stable tools 

Don’t settle for e-commerce tools with limited capacities or unstable functionality. Buzzystores provides the best eCommerce tools you need to run your business and maximize productivity.

Everything you need in one place

Manage listings and employees
Easily list and organize your products and services regardless of their variety. Manage employees by regulating tasks and permissions. 

Use different payment providers 

Make it easier for customers to pay by offering different payment options that meet their preferences. Streamline payment options to one platform to easily access your money. 

Market and analyze easily 

Enjoy a broad range of marketing and analytical tools to reach more customers and increase productivity. Collect and analyze sales and marketing data with free advanced tools that Buzzystores provides.

Enjoy Top Security

Use a secure platform
Do business with your mind at rest, knowing everything about your store is safe from hackers and other security threats. Employees and partners cannot go beyond the access you permit. Easily and securely regain lost access to your store, and ensure strict limitations on users.

 Receive the highest data security 

All information and data about your business and its operations are confidential. No data is shared with any third parties, and no one except you uses such data. 

Deal with a legal company 

Never risk any aspect of your business to legal penalties by individuals or governments. Enjoy the stability and security of a platform that plays by the rules and maintains a strong legal representation.

Leverage Buzzystores huge marketing efforts

Do business on a platform on track to becoming the best of its kind. Your business will benefit from Buzzystores global marketing campaigns as millions continue to use and join the platform. Buzzystores marketing efforts expose your business to thousands of people daily on social media and other marketing channels without you spending a dime.

Market Research

We are continuously improving and researching the best tools to keep your platform up to date

Business Growth

Our platform is actively promoting your business even in your absence

valuable Feedback

Our team has courage passion, diversity and resource

24x7 Customer Support

We are just next door and always available to assist you with your concerns


Free marketing services

By continually researching the e-commerce industry, Buzzystores identifies the needs of a broad category of consumers and businesses and provides the best solutions to these problems. This spirit of continuous research coupled with innovative solutions and smart marketing draws more and more users to the platform, which increases their prospect of discovering and buying your products and services. Your business continuously enjoys quality marketing benefits without any effort or high expenditure.

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We help companies build brands that last

Our team has the courage, scale, passion, diversity and resourcefulness that promise wherever and however the world needs it.

SWIPE has been a blessing for my eCommerce business. It makes it easy for me to handle my listings, send out orders, and make my customers happy! Manually doing this before was a severe headache for me as a one-person business.

SWIPE has turned into my new favorite eCommerce platform since I found it! Not only was I able to order the shoes I wanted from the US, but I also got a nice spot to eat in Dubai while en route! It's a must-have, guys!