About Us

Who We Are

Buzzystores is a multinational company that helps vendors to sell products and services to customers in their local communities and also reach millions of people worldwide. It provides an ideal platform for customers worldwide to browse offers within their locality or internationally. 

Buzzystores brings the much-needed marketing and analytical tools for businesses to scale their operations. It is a company revolutionizing the eCommerce industry with disruptive innovations and improved ways to deliver products and services across borders. We are community focused and globally scaled to meet the needs of global businesses and their customers.

What We Do

Buzzystores is a platform for both buyers and sellers. We provide facilities to make buying and selling easier and cheaper. Buzzystores targets a broad category of businesses and people, from Gen Z to Millennials, Environmentalists, Content Creators,  Digital Creators, Spiritual Niche, and many others. Buzzystores makes it possible for businesses to reach millions of customers worldwide.

We provide a fun way to conduct multiple operations simultaneously on the same platform. You can order products, pay a friend’s restaurant bill, and plan a dinner all in different countries but from one location and platform.

Founding & Expansion

Founded by Enoch A.K Dugbazah, Buzzystores has founding offices in Ghana, Sweden and South Africa. The company aims to have a physical and legal presence in all African countries by 2024 and rapidly expand to other parts of the world.

Buzzystores’s immediate targets are businesses in the African Continental free Trade Area  (AfCFTA)  Europe, Dubai,  China, and globally. Buzzystores has a physical, legal presence in Ghana, Sweden and South Africa However, we are available for businesses and customers worldwide.

What Makes Buzzystores Unique

The novelty of Buzzystores is its ability to conduct multiple fundamentally different transactions simultaneously. This eliminates the need for different apps designed specifically for one type of transaction.

Our cost-oriented and consumer-oriented approach ensures the lowest prices for top-quality eCommerce services. Buzzystores is a company that focuses on quality and its customers first before itself. By leveraging the increasing penetration of smartphones and internet use and using intelligence tools to explore the eCommerce industry, Buzzystores stands out for its ability to provide innovative solutions to new and existing business problems.

Our commitment to our environment and local communities

BUZZYSTORES is aware of the unique position we operate in. We understand that our activities and decisions affect not only our stakeholders (buyers and sellers) but also the community and environment that sustain us. We do not want our commitment to solving today’s problems to prevent our future generation from having the chance to live healthy lives in an environment that sustains them. Hence, BUZZYSTORES is obligated to take decisions and encourage activities that impact positively on our climate and locality as bounded by our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. This is why our DNA is centered on solutions that encourages communities to consume products and services offered within their locations. We simplify the supply chain and create a more sustainable business environment.